Marguerite Journeying

January 23 2020

With the fervour of the Spirit in her heart
A flash of light

A call from beyond
Beyond known places
Beyond planned projects
Beyond suspected potentials

Ocean crossings
Oceans of family attachments
Oceans of immediate impoverishments
Oceans of ominous unknowns
Oceans of immanent solitudes

Vision of a world to discover
A society to build
A humanity to put on its feet
Young families to build
Children to raise

Mission of Good News to reveal
Of the Mother of God to follow
Beyond the ramparts of a city in
painful growth.

This is where Marguerite went and still goes today

Let our gaze plunge, like hers,
into the Heart of our world,
into the Heart of every person born from the same Source of Love,
into the Heart of this continuous creation in this same love
and through the work of all human beings
To radiate the One who unites us into a single family.

Rachel Gaudreau, CND

Bas-relief with four faces by Geneviève Bourdet
Rachel Gaudreau, CND, 2012