Prayer to Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys

May 28 2019


Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys,
400 years ago, you came into this world.

On the outskirts of Troyes,
you served the poorest,
with love and compassion.

After a long journey,
your encounter with Mary confirmed
your true vocation.

In the footsteps of Jesus,
you walked so often, for so long,
on roads of difficulty,
of trust, of simplicity,
of joy, of daring,
all the way to new horizons.

You who crossed the ocean…
guide us, support us.

Today, we dare to say to you:

“Go, I will not abandon you”
or all that you have given us.



Prayer composed by the Congrégation de Notre-Dame associates in Troyes, France.
Photo: Stained-glass window of Marguerite Bourgeoys by master glass-artist M. Bordenave
in the parish church in Brouage, Charente Maritime.